Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Peace and Promotion

It is still the summer holidays here, but this morning my daughter, like the majority of Japanese students, had to go to school. At 8:15am the town siren went off. This was the time 63 years ago today that the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, senselessly killing so many people. I think Japan has a great way of "remembering" this day and that is by making the youth here the main focus of the remembrances. School children have long discussions about what happened and students make pleas to the nation and the world to stop this kind of thing happening again in the future. There is little blame pushed on anyone - my daughter came home today and told me all about a little boy who had just been given a bike and was riding it 10 days before his 4th birthday when the bomb was dropped. He was killed although some others hid behind huge rocks and were saved, physically anyway. She knew all this, but when I asked her which country dropped the bomb she had no idea. I think this is a great way to promote peace, rather than making enemies with people from the countries involved - especially when it was the leaders 63 years ago who were responsible for the decisions made.
If anyone wants to look at more details of the peace museum here in Hiroshima their official website is: Hiroshima Peace Park

On a completely different note, this evening the children and I headed to Oita City to be part of a radio program which will be aired on Sunday. It was taped as if it really was Sunday so the announcers had to keep being careful to say things like "the Olympics started two days ago" rather than "the Olympics will start in two days time". It was another interesting experience - we were introduced by a friend at ABC and I had no idea what they wanted me to talk about, but they basically spent the whole 50 minutes promoting Kiora Cottage - and have linked it on their website so there is some more good FREE promotion!
For anyone living in Oita who wants a laugh (basically all I got to say was yes, yes, yes) it will be aired from 11am to 12pm on Sunday the 10th on OBS radio.

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