Thursday, August 21, 2008

Double Date

Before the start of the holidays my son had a day off kindergarten so I decided to give him a special day out - with just the two of us. He chose to go to the big aquarium about 50 minutes from here and we had a lovely time wandering around for hours - watching the sea elephants perform, getting splashed by the dolphins and of course seeing many, many fish. The fact that it was a Monday during the school term meant there weren't very many people there so we could take our time and look at literally ALL the fish in the place.
Of course if you do something like that for one child you then need to do something like that for your other child.... everything must be fair of course! So, today was my daughter's special day out and she could choose where we were going etc. Of course all things being fair she chose to also go to the aquarium. The only difference being it is now the school holidays, which means the place was packed. She still enjoyed it though - despite the fact that I didn't let her buy anything at the gift shop (which I finally realised was why she wanted to go there in the first place...). Aquariums are pretty similar all around the world, and although this one is nothing spectacular, they do have some fun shows and some interesting fish. But 2 times in less than a month is more than enough for me!

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