Friday, July 31, 2009

7th Birthday

Every year my children really look forward to their birthdays. Until now they have always invited friends and we have had a party at home. This year my son decided he wanted to have a special day out instead so we did everything he wanted to do for the day. First up was 10 pin bowling in Beppu followed by a big swim at a big indoor swimming complex with a wave pool etc. (fortunately my husband wasn't with us so there are no pictures to prove I went in!). Lunch at McDonalds (as I said it was his choice for the whole day....) then a quick trip to the 80% off book shop in Oita (Katy - it is the one on the right just as you go into Oita city - Merindo -2 sections - kids books in one area and adults in another, plus 3 or 4 "bins"). Next up a wander around Toys R Us to spend the money from his Japanese grandmother. After wandering around the whole shop twice he settled for a baseball bat and a big stag beetle and the necessary dirt, jelly etc. to go with it - he even managed to get a thousand yen change.
As well as their party the children also really look forward to their cake each year and until now I have spent quite a long time making rockets, Blue's Clues, Nemo, butterflies etc. etc. but this year I asked if my son wanted to make his own cake - which he did. Last night they made the cake itself and this afternoon they did all the decorating and had a great time. It was far less stressful for me and my daughter has already decided that she wants to do the same this year too. A new tradition may have been started.
After decorating the cake we went to a local festival for some cheap food, some arcade type games and some conversation with ex-kindergarten friends. Home again to eat the cake and then to bed... a long day, but a really happy one for all involved.


  1. Good lord- that's some bug!

    Happy Birthday to your boy. 7, wow...

    I love the make a cake together idea. I am still in the midst of the amazing creation cake phase and the orders are already in for September birthdays!

    Hope your life has slowed down some recently!

  2. Hey Masaki, that's not a beetle it's a bulldozer!! Wait till it gets so big it wants to eat your cake. Happy birthday. Grandad

  3. creeped out by the bug!! LOL

    happy birthday!

  4. I was going to suggest introducing your bug to ours, but not after seeing that monster!

    Is that the bookstore on the second floor with the parking underneath? Sounds like I need a trip to Oita...

    Guess what, I'm working on the 8th. Forgot to check my schedule. I finish at one. Shall we meet in the afternoon in Nakatsu, or switch to the Sunday? If you can handle a late night, we have a cool festival on in the neighborhood that day, lanterns and bon dancing.

  5. OK, now the bookstore. May find me driving in that direction on Monday - secretly.

    Yay for self made cakes, although the rocket cake was awesome. all of them have been - ditto rachel.

    Maki found a kuwagata yesterday and it is now sitting pride of place on fire!!

    come and play come and play.

  6. "Bob" Ryousuke1:18 PM

    Happy birthday, my brotherhood Masaki!!
    Thank you for taking care of me always.
    I'm looking forward to seeing you soon.

  7. Ow, that was a scary bug you have.. Good job for the cake kids..

  8. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Glad you had a good birthday.Great cake. Is the bug still going? Did you get my email with the photos? I'll try and get Chris to post his letter this weekend, but still need your address. Cheers