Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mouse traps

Every second year or so we have a little (or perhaps pretty big) friend come to visit. It is always only one friend, but they make quite an impact on us. This year our little friend has managed to chew through the aerial to the TV, leaving us with only 2 satellite channels. It has managed to move food from the compost to under the dish drier, kicked passion fruit off the bench and onto the floor and nibbled through bananas - just to name a few things! Last night we decided our little friend had been around long enough so set the "traps" for him (I'm sure it must be a boy!). For anyone who is unfamiliar with Japanese mouse traps - the standard ones are big, VERY sticky pads that even the biggest mouse couldn't get off if it stood on one. The idea being that the mouse walks over it, gets stuck and then...... the real problems begin. How are you then meant to dispose of a tired out, but not dead mouse that is completely stuck to a sticky mat??? (Un)fortunately we didn't need to deal with this problem this morning. We set the trap up so that if the mouse wanted to get into the kitchen the only way in was to go over the mats. Which it did.... in one flying bound! My husband got up early in the morning and discovered it in the kitchen and then watched as it leaped over the mats and raced away never to be seen again (or at least until tonight....). I guess we will have to try another plan for tonight if we ever want to watch TV again. There doesn't seem much point in fixing it until we have captured our little cable chewing friend..... any tips welcomed!


  1. no tips, but i do hope you get rid of it soon!

  2. We have recently had a few mousey "friends" too - one we somehow managed to get out the door by creating a clever barrier and with the aid of a mop (that is after it spent about 2 days hanging out in our wardrobe climbing on our clothes -ew!) we must have looked so ridiculous doing it! And the other was just caught the traditional way, with a NZ trap - we lured it with cheese and bacon (yes bacon, cos terry loves it so of course mice do too!) Sounds like your mouse is a bit more clever though! They are so fast and so sneaky!! Good luck!!