Saturday, July 04, 2009

Special little guest

Late last night a special little guest and his father came to stay. He is a boy who was in my son's class when we went to New Zealand for 3 months last year and his uncle is from Japan and happens to have the same name as my son. My son was excited to have his own special New Zealand friend come all the way down here to see us and I have enjoyed talking with his father about how things are going in Dunedin etc. Great to have some English speaking adult conversation for a while! Unfortunately the son hasn't been so well so we have been taking it a bit easy and trying to help soothe his sore throat with nice cool ice cream (perhaps not the best thing in Japanese summers!) in between looking at monkeys and having a good sleep. Tonight we had our first "fireworks display" for the summer - probably the first of many. Unlike in New Zealand, fireworks are available for sale basically all summer round in Japan and are a popular evening event. If it wasn't for the smoke I think I would also find them enjoyable....
We are hoping that little Chris (who is actually older than my son) is feeling a bit better in the morning so they can play a bit before they head on the train up north again.


  1. How neat that you got to meet up again. And I hear you on the conversation thing.

    Your place is like one of those old English places (in Bath??) where people go to regain their strength and recuperate. Can't think of the name of it now... not enough English for me lately!

  2. LOL heather - regain their strength and recuperate.

    May well be there with all three kids Jo - seeing as don't need passport and all!!

    Bummer that Chris had bit of a cold but good that it didn't hinder you going out and about.

  3. sounds lovely! i, too, hope chris is feeling better soon!

    last night we had sparklers going, too!

    also, we'll be visiting oita over the holiday weekend, do you think we can visit you??

  4. Anonymous10:43 PM

    I lurv the monkey snaps, sorry to hear that Chris has a cold.

  5. hey jo, can you e-mail me? illaheebaby (at)