Wednesday, July 15, 2009

If I can just get through this week

Sorry yet again for the lack of posting lately - everything just seem to be the same every day and therefore not really worth writing about. Yet again I am in the "if I can just get through this week phase". After a morning in the garden on Sunday life caught up with me and I ended up in bed for the afternoon with a shocking migraine. I have a vague recollection of taking a phone call from a friend in the middle of it, but had to apologise to her the next day as I really can't remember what I said. Sorry!
Anyway I recovered from that which was fortunate as on Monday and Tuesday we had the workers here putting our solar electricity panels on the roof. If the banging all day wasn't enough, it was also over 35 degrees each day so I was grateful not to have a migraine with the heat as well as the noise! Japan seems to have a good system for solar electricity at the moment. Although it costs quite a lot to install there are lots of regional and national subsidies, and you can sell any excess electricity you make during the daytime to the electricity company. Here's hoping we have lots of sunny days this year!
Tonight I went and collected our last group of students till September. They seem like a very nice group of 4 girls - although I haven't really seen them much yet. We didn't pick them up till 5:30pm and then by the time we had the silly ceremony and got home it was close to 7pm. A quick curry for tea, a few brain teaser games and then they retreated to the cottage for showers and conversation. I know I probably should have made more of an effort to talk longer with them tonight, but they had been up since 6am, travelled from Osaka to here and gone to an amusement park before I picked them up. They looked tired and after teaching all morning and then later this afternoon too I am not exactly full of energy either. Tomorrow night I'll be more entertaining!
They leave on Friday and from Saturday I have a 3 day camp to run.... I can't wait till Monday afternoon!


  1. and on Monday afternoon I'm going to visit with all three kids!! Not - don't worry. You sure are busy lately. And the solar panals - that happened fast.

    Good look for the rest of the girls from Osaka and the three day thing in Kakaji. Hope you find something nice just for you out of the hard earned cash!!

    Hope we can do tea sometime soonish.

    And you sounded fine on the phone - well almost :)

  2. you sure do sound busy!! we would like to get solar panels but the initial cost is a bit overwhelming (only yoshi is working at the moment). the house we lived in previously had solar panels for heating water and it worked really well....

    sorry we won't be able to see you this weekend, or maybe we will? hope the rest of the week and the weekend passes quickly for you!

  3. That's your house?? It's beautiful! I love the deep verandahs on your second floor.

    Best wishes for lots of energy to get you through your busy week!

  4. You always seem to have such a busy schedule!! Sometimes it's better to have a lot of things to get done than nothing at all. Well that's the way it works for me anyway :P

    Although the installation costs of the solar electricity system are expensive they definitely are a good idea. My husband is trying to con his parents to install them at their house. I think my husband's company is actually supplies solar electricity systems as well as car parts... weird hey!