Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Another group down... one to go

Sometimes the logistics of having a group of students to stay as well as continuing on with my children's daily activities is almost too much to cope with, but the latest group seemed to time things perfectly and we had a great 3 days. They arrived on Sunday afternoon so my husband was able to help out a bit more and had the fire built when we got home so they could munch on some yummy baked sweet potatoes and toast some marshmallows. I always try to do at least one new "activity" when students are here - for my own sanity!
As usual everything was a "first" and they were keen to try anything, got excited over things like pulling a daikon, laughed in all the right places and cried when they had to get on the bus to go home. Another successful trip! The chickens got a bit of a battering, but they all laid perfectly so perhaps they enjoy the attention of being lifted up by screeching girls....
Just one more group next week and then a break from Junior High students for a few months.


  1. You're superwoman! I don't know how you manage to do it all. I am glad you took time out last week to really enjoy your book because you deserve a good break (though I did miss reading your blog!)

  2. looks like fun!! almost wish i was a japanese jr. high student....