Saturday, December 12, 2009

Spreading the Joy

On Friday night I took Nathan and Megan to an amazing Japanese drumming concert in Oita. The group is based in Oita prefecture and is called Tao. They do a lot of touring around the world and if they are ever in your city I HIGHLY recommend you go and see them. It is hard to describe what is so wonderful about drumming, but to me I just sit there completely in awe of their ability to not just stay in time with the others while drumming at amazingly high speed, but to be able to drum with the energy needed for such long lengths of time. They even did the Maori Haka! The website is worth a look, but doesn't compare to the real thing!

I didn't opt to take the children with us, but managed to bring them a bit of excitement this afternoon when I showed them the video letters that Santa had sent them! This is an amazing idea that I stole of "Kuri" - yes, I do read your blog often, just never quite get around to commenting!
Anyway, if anyone wants to see if my children (and me...) have been good or bad this year check out the following video letters!
My children were SO excited when they watched them today - nothing like bringing joy to the world at this cold time of year!

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  1. Anonymous3:54 AM

    The marvels of technology! You may be interested to hear that Heidi has spread the Santa thing to not only her children, but to Gareth's, Lee Byford's and a few others!