Monday, December 07, 2009

Climbing "our" mountain again

On Sunday we climbed the mountain in our backyard for probably the last time this year. Megan and Nathan wanted to climb (well Nathan did ....) and the kids are always keen to take people up. My son talked constantly all the way up about where they dropped something three years ago and found it again on the way down, which stone they tripped over 2 years ago, which tree fell down in which typhoon etc. etc. They have been climbing the mountain since they were 3 or 4 years old so are now great guides! I haven't climbed it very much recently so did more huffing and puffing up the 529m than anyone else, but despite the strong winds at our house there were great views from the top and I don't have sore legs... yet!


  1. which way up did you go? Chains or track? A great place to go!!

  2. I have a plan to climb this mountain in January of next year with my friends. If our schedule meet yours, I would like to see you. When I decide the date, I tell you about it.