Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Open Home

Today we lost half our privacy... Unfortunately I didn't realise exactly how much of the forest between us and the road was going to be destroyed so didn't manage to get a "before" photo, but the after is pretty sad! Until now we haven't really been able to see any other houses from our back yard/deck and the road has been pretty much blocked out by huge trees. And then today they cut them ALL down.... I wandered onto the deck and the neighbour waved excitedly from the road above just to show that we are now visible to the world. Everyone thinks it is great. I beg to differ! I am hoping that they were the trees which are used to grow shitake mushrooms that had got a bit too big - if this is the case then they are likely to grow back relatively fast, but not to the size they were this morning. It looks like they will be just left to rot on the ground.... why they cut them down I really have no idea... but I do know that I will have to be a little more careful about remembering to bring all my clothes to the shower!


  1. aren't those trees good fire wood? Do you think we could come over with our chainsaw on Saturday and get a car load? Seriously.

  2. Anonymous10:08 PM

    bummer...at least they didn't cover the hill in cement to prevent landslides...

  3. Wow, this is kind of like what happened to us when the woodshop next door disappeared - Hello world!

    We got a cemetery in exchange...

  4. yeah, I would have been bummed too..I like my privacy....maybe you can start planting something that will grow fast, and tall....