Saturday, August 21, 2010

Flying things

I've decided that giving up on things is often the best way to actually make things happen. A good example is one of our new beehives that my husband bought which is supposed to lure the bees into it without any help from us. He put it in the "ideal" location with the special orchid above it in full flower to attract the bees. Nothing - not one bee went inside. So we put the hive beside the house until we could think of somewhere else to put it - perhaps next spring. Within a week it was buzzing with bees and three weeks later it is still buzzing! We are supposed to check it for bugs every week or so and today was the first time we lifted the lid to check that all is going well. If you click on the close up of the honey comb you can see that although the bees haven't started capping the comb there is a small supply of honey building up. Now we just have to hope that the queen starts laying some eggs to boost the population and the honey supply!
This morning I got up at 5am to try and make a start on reducing the number of weeds in the vegetable garden. By 8am it is already over 30 degrees so an early start is the only way I am likely to get anything done. It is also dark by 7:30pm so not much chance of late evening weeding either. Anyway, a relatively successful morning's work - one thing I rescued were some
butterfly flowers that my daughter and I planted from seed in spring. My work was rewarded by a beautiful butterfly coming to suck some nectar out while we were collecting some of the seeds. I just hope it is not one of the butterflies that will lay eggs that will hatch into the cabbage destroying caterpillars in spring... perhaps I shouldn't have bothered collecting so many seeds!


  1. how cool about the bees! *fingers crossed*

    very pretty butterfly!

  2. To echo Illahee - VERY cool about the bees! They are in short supply I heard, but this year I have definitely seen more than last year, so here's hoping for a population rise!

    That is a gorgeous butterfly.

  3. yay - will be expecting some honey something soon. If you even need an early morning wake up call...

  4. What a good looking bee hive, it's honestly really nice. And that's a good amount of bees so far and looks like they've been busy working. Hopefully more will come and you'll be in delicious honey in no time. : )

    I liked that you had butterfly flowers and they attracted a real butterfly. To me, that was so cute. What a beautiful butterfly though and so big.

  5. OH! I was so excited to read this!!! BEES! It's a dream of mine to have a bee hive....hubby thinks I'm a bit batty...but this is something I really want to do in Japan. Now I have someone to contact and ask English! So -so cool!