Sunday, August 29, 2010

Breakfast anyone?

One of the major bonuses of staying with a "local" person is always the trips to the very local markets. We had a barbeque last night, but my suggestions of bringing home a few of these beauties to cook were quickly rejected - even though the skinning of them was all part of the purchase price! Sorry, I can't get the photo to turn around.
Unfortunately life in paradise ends tomorrow when we head back home...


  1. Ugh! But the HK markets are amazing! Can you ask B. if she got my email?

  2. Those are frogs right. I'm looking at the picture at an angel so I could be off/wrong.

    Enjoy your last day/night there. It sounds like it was a fantastic trip.

    And have a safe journey back home for tomorrow. : )

  3. OK, that's just disgusting. skinned frogs hands. Absolutely heinous. Thank god I wasn't eating. Safe travels tomorrow.

  4. :( yuck....I'm glad I'm a vegan....