Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Hong Kong Highlights

I'm not even going to try and put these photos in order... it was hard enough choosing only a few to put on the blog! I would have to say that we had an absolutely wonderful time in Hong Kong. As a city it has a lot to offer, but the fact that we were staying with friends who actually live there made it so much better. We usually spent about half the day going somewhere and the other half at their apartment where the kids played cards, went swimming, made forts etc. and where I had a great time talking and talking with Birgit and Paul. It was hard to believe that we hadn't seen each other since they left Japan 5 years ago!
We went to many markets - flower, bird, goldfish, souvenir and local food markets (see previous post!), used many kinds of transport - airplane, taxi, subway, double-decker bus, minibus, ferry, ate many kinds of food - Aussie beef, Chinese takeaways, Korean bibinba, German traditional food, dragonfruit etc. etc. The children swam at the beach and the pool. They discovered a new sport - waveboarding and bought boards which they are now using here every day. We had a lovely day at Hong Kong park seeing birds and then the local maids on their day off entertaining themselves all over the city.
There were many other things we did, but if I don't post a brief summary now I know I will never get around to making a more detailed one.... A wonderful holiday with wonderful friends!
Unfortunately it is back to normal life now with Tom snoring on the sofa and work every day.


  1. Good morning, I enjoyed this post a lot. And Hong Kong is now a place I really want to visit thanks to this lovely post and the pictures were amazing. Loved all the pictures. And the pics from that pool, gosh that pool was gorgeous! And the breakfast spread looked delicious. And your friends apartment, so beautiful! That meal on the balcony pic, loved it. I can tell what a wonderful vacation you all had.

    PS, the wave boards...I am so glad you mentioned them. Branden has been dying for one! ; ) There's a commercial on TV here about them and every single time it's on. All I hear is "mommy please buy me that for Christmas" ; )

  2. Okaeri!!

    Let me know when you have recovered and Ryu and I will come and play and catch up.

  3. I never really thought of going to Hong Kong before but after looking at your pictures I think I've changed my mind!! Fantastic! I'll bet you had a SUPER time!!