Thursday, September 23, 2010

The great New Zealand Baking Challenge

I really enjoy baking, but recently I seem to be continuously making the same "safe" things. The times when I feel like trying something new I usually spend half an hour working out what to make and then I have lost all motivation and give up completely. There is a challenge called "daring bakers", but most of the recipes seem to take so long and are probably not things I would ever repeat. So.... last week I decided to take up an idea that Megan had while she was here. I have decided to work through one of my recipe books from start to finish..... well unless of course there are just some things which are not practical to make due to seasonal problems (rose petal shortbread...etc.). I will of course mix up the sections a bit - no point having cookies for 6 months followed by shortbread for 2 months, then cakes for 8 months etc. etc. but hopefully I will slowly try most of the recipes in the book. Already the kids are enjoying basic biscuits (made 2 different ways) and Louise cake. I will either finish the challenge in about 3 years or we will all turn into obese pigs in 6 months time. Or perhaps there will be lots of visitors who are willing to try a few failures every now and then.....


  1. I have just found your blog. It's very interesting to read about your life in Japan, we thought things were different when we moved from the UK to France - but nothing compared to you.
    I'm not sure I would want to go to the dentist if he didn't wear gloves. What a shame you can't take him a pair for him to wear when he does your teeth!

  2. Great minds think alike! Well, I'm not quite aiming at cooking everything, but I made ginger crunch from the "Ladies, a Plate" traditional NZ baking book, after looking through it with Harumi and getting all nostalgic telling her about how my Mum would bake 3-4 things each Saturday morning! I was looking for recipes for Erica's birthday, in particular a slice of some sort, I've gotten all nostalgic about slices lately for some reason. I found that one with the caramel layer, I'm going to make that one today for the party. And I have yo-yos lined up for the AFWJ mini-convention in November, I've never made those either.

    Are you free next week to come over for a visit? Monday would be good, lots of leftover baking should still be around!