Saturday, September 04, 2010

New Zealand Earthquake

I have had quite a few phonecalls and e-mails today asking whether my family in New Zealand is okay after the big earthquake which hit Christchurch this morning. Just a quick note to say that it seems like everyone is okay - but with quite a lot of structural damage. By chance it was the wedding of my step-mother's neice today so a lot of family members had gathered in Christchurch and although the church was unable to be used it sounds like they managed to still have a great wedding at the reception facility.
It took me quite a while to get through to my family on the phone this morning and was again reminded of how important family is and how quickly things could go wrong. Here's hoping the big aftershock they are predicting doesn't eventuate.....


  1. I prefer to look at the positive, and it sounds like they had a very memorable wedding! I wish I had such. Of course, I feel sorry for any misfortune your family experienced. I wish them the best.

  2. wow - I can't believe they could still manage the wedding. Good effort.

    read there was a big aftershock this evening after lots all day. Hope that's the worst of it. Sure it is.

    Glad to hear they are all OK.

  3. You know, that earthquake was sadly front page news all day yesterday on CNN (I say unfortunately or sadly because nobody ever wants to have a disaster like this of course) :(. When I heard of it, we were on our way to the sweet potato dig. But, for whatever reason, you were the first person that popped in my mind. I kept thinking, I hope Jo's family is alright over there. I didn't know if your family lived in Christchurch or not. Anyway, I am just so glad/relieved to hear that your family is all okay.

    The bright side is, I am happy to hear the wedding still went on okay and stuff. And Batish is right, it will be memorable, that is for sure. ; )

  4. I meant Bastish, sorry for the spelling typo. I should have read through it, before hitting publish. Sorry.

  5. I was one who called but didn't get you. Glad to hear everyone is okay. I have been reading about the weddings, apparently more than one went ahead! Is yours the one in Stuff with the bride who went round getting wedding photos in front of rubble? Maybe not, as their reception venue was unable to be used. I think they went to McDonald's!

    It's such a relief to see how well NZ, and NZers cope with such a big one. did you read about this earthquake was the same size, depth, and distance from a major city as the Haiti earthquake? They lost 120,000 people or something like that. Christchurch lost one.