Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Until I moved to Japan my image of ants were pesky little creatures that walked in long lines to the tiny bit of spilt jam at my Nanna's house. They were annoying and ruined a few jars of jam, but when it came down to it they weren't really harmful.
My opinion of ants has changed drastically since moving to Japan! The not particularly wonderful photo is of my upper arm and I'm fairly sure that all the 30 plus bites are from one absolutely TINY ant which made its way up my shirt sleeve yesterday when I was pulling out waist high weeds. They build their nests in parts of my garden and usually I can avoid them, but not yesterday. I occasionally get one pesky ant that somehow finds its way under my shirt and onto my stomach and the result is the same. For anyone unfamiliar with ant bites they are itchy! Amazing to think that such a tiny creature can cause so much pain! Of course not as itchy as "urushi" as Kevin has found out.... anyone wanting graphic details click here.


  1. No WAY?? I never knew Japanese ants did that. Little bastards. Hope you've got sow good cream.

  2. A good pair tweezers would help too - while they are on the attack.

    I once awoke at night while I was camping (in the jungle of malaysia, ahem...) to find hundreds of tiny-body-huge-jaw ants biting me all over. One of the greatest experiences of my life.

    Along with the Urushi, which has, today, become almost un-noticeable! (unless you look at my body, but who wants to do that anyway. At least I dont feel it so much anymore.)

  3. That's a lot of bites from one ant. I never dreamed they would do that.

  4. Your poor arm! I hope it's getting better. : )