Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sports Day Rehearsal

Yesterday my children had a rehearsal for their sports day. It took the entire morning as well as a bit of the afternoon. Their team lost. That's right, they practiced the entire sports day, including the scoring. The "real" sports day is not till next Sunday. My children already know who will most likely win each event. They know what the final score is likely to be. My daughter has been at school by 7:50am for the last few weeks because she is in cheer leading group (don't worry, not throwing in the air cheer leading -just blowing the whistle and shaking pom pom cheer leading). They practice every morning for 25 minutes and then have an average of 3 hours each day for practicing the different events and how to stand straight etc. After the sports day is finished they don't have any P.E. for at least a month.
I was just reading a fellow Japan blogger's entry today about how Japan is slipping in the education rankings. They are increasing the material in textbooks here. There was even talk at some stage of bringing back Saturday school. They say they just don't have enough time to teach all that is necessary.... and yet they have enough time to practice 3 hours a day for sports day (which is exactly the same every year.....). They also get 2 days off in lieu of going to school to help set up for the sports day and also for the sports day itself. This is something I just can't get my head around. I understand that in some ways the sports day is an important part of Japanese people's school lives, but surely they could spend a little less time practicing it and some more time enjoying it.....


  1. kevin1:14 PM

    wow. I didn't know they practiced so much for it.

    my "sports day" (it was called field day) was once of my favorite days of the year. Who can argue against all the candy you can eat, and a killer sun-burn?

    We never practiced. Just showed up and ran, jump, eat candy, etc.

  2. crazy, crazy crazy. For the last couple of weeks I may have been talking out bumholeyole for all the good it did my English students. They have been soooooo tired by the time they get here. Thanks for tea, coffee, goodies and lunch for Ryu yesterday! Sorry we stayed for so long.

  3. I hear you about practicing way too much for sports day. I think if the schools got rid of all the faffing around (to borrow Gaijin Wife's word) with sports day, culture festivals, committees for this and that, there would be a lot more time for learning!! We always had sports day and swimming sports day in the first two weeks of school to get it out of the way as quickly as possible and we never practiced for it. It was fantastic. Only two days of being completely un-co. I could totally get through that.

  4. Oh and I forgot. 8 days a year spent taking tests, plus time for revision in class. that is 40 extra lessons right there!

  5. Yep, undokai practice here is nuts! They practice and practice and practice. Rehearsals, rehearsals and even more practice.

    Good luck for Sunday for the undokai. I'll be hoping for clear skies and beautiful weather for you guys. : )

    I have 2 more undokai's. @_@ Noah's is fine but the town undokai? That's really pushing it. Ha ha ha.; )