Friday, September 10, 2010

Enough is enough

On Fridays I have a couple of kindergarten classes in the morning then have a break from lunchtime till 4pm when I have another class. Today I was determined to use this "break" time to finally get into the garden and start to deal with the incredible mess that it is in. I got my gardening clothes on, my hat, my towel, my gloves, my gumboots and headed into the jungle. 10 minutes later I was back inside stripping as much off as I could and panting in front of the fan. Just to clarify... in case anyone read that the wrong way.... after 10 minutes I was so hot I couldn't stand it anymore and gave up - having weeded a grand total of about 1m of garden. It is the hottest summer in Japan for more than 113 years and unfortunately here in Oita it just doesn't seem to be cooling down. I think our overnight low was 24 degrees last night and daytime temperatures are still around 35 degrees every day. It is just not motivating me to do anything outside. I feel really sorry for the kids as they have their sports day at the end of the month and are outside for a minimum of 2 hours every day (with no shade) practicing. They come home hot, tired and with headaches.
On a different note I had yet another of my "only in Japan" kind of mornings. I turned up at the kindergarten to do my two classes, waltzed into class in my usual stupid way and .... sitting in the back of the room were about 10 parents. It was "open day", but as usual no one told me so I quickly changed my goofy face for a slightly more sensible one and did a very standard lesson. I guess at least that way they know they are seeing what I always do, rather than a well practiced lesson or something fancy which I would never usually do (unlike most teachers I know here....). I don't mind teaching in front of them - but it would be nice if they didn't talk the whole way through the lesson..... or video it all....
Here's hoping for some cool weather and some spare time to enjoy it!


  1. Anonymous7:49 PM

    it's just slightly cooler up here, but i've been over the heat for a month...bring on snow, and lots of it...

  2. WOW - to parent day without you knowing. How rude. Especially considering Japanese teachers rehearse their classes with the kids beforehand.

    My Junior high kids came to English last night just about passed out from two hours of pyramid practice and what not. Good for study. I told them to bring a pillow next week and we can all just take a kip - mine being a very well paid one :D

  3. Love that you posted this...."the hottest summer in Japan for more than 113 years" I knew it was hot but I had no idea it was the hottest in 113 years, that's amazing to know honestly.

    Branden has come home with a headache a few times too. Heat related headache. : (

    No wonder you came in from the gardening, I'd have come in too.

    While I do enjoy the Summer month's, this Summer in particular has been just too hot. Way overly hot. I am so so so ready for Fall this year.

    I can only imagine you're surprise walking into the classroom and see parents. Holy goodness

    And the talking through a lesson thing, always makes me wonder too. When I go to "observation day" at Branden's school for example. Not all, but a small handful of the mom's spend the entire hour gossiping the whole way, chit chatting and what not through the whole lesson (you know how we all stand at the back of the class, they chat right on through). When I go, I greet the mother's before the class starts but I am as quiet as a mouse for the whole lesson. Listen to the teacher, watch the kids interact. Maybe snap 1-2 pictures tops, as to not drive the sensei crazy. Put it away and full attention from me the rest of class. About 3 of the mom's actually just went into the hallway midclass and continued chatting, I am kidding you not. @_@ That poor teacher...honestly. She must be steamed. I often imagine the teacher is rightly upset.