Sunday, August 08, 2010

Yet another farewell

This year we have been lucky enough to have a lot of family members come and visit us. The only problem with visitors is that it usually involves farewells. Today we had to say a very tearful farewell to two very special visitors - my sister and her boyfriend. They came to Oita a year ago and it has been wonderful to have them close by for so long. It is going to be strange for my children to go to English classes at school and not have their aunty teach them. It is going to be sad to have no one just pop in for a good gossip after they finish classes early. It is going to be hard having no one around to play cards with the kids or joke with them. It is going to less entertaining to have no one call unexpectedly and pass their phone over to a random Japanese person for me to explain something to.
As expected we took it for granted that one year would last forever, but it didn't and we didn't see them as much as we hoped to, didn't eat with them as much as we wanted to and didn't go away on holiday with them as much as we would have liked to. But, we did have some great times with them and it really was special being able to spend a whole year in Japan with family living in the same area. Here's hoping they come back to visit again soon!
It was also nice to be able to spend a few days with Nathan's parents. I hope they enjoy their hike up Mt. Fuji later in the week!
Thanks Megan and Nathan for some great times over the last year. You never intruded or took anything for granted and we loved every minute of our time with you. You are welcome back any time!


  1. by Megan and Nathan. Only saw you a couple of times but all the best for future travels and hopefully those will find you back in Japan sometime soon :D

  2. The sad goodbyes are always the hardest parts for me too. I remember when my dad lived in Colorado (the state we're originally from before he moved to Guam) and I'd see him once or twice a year most. The goodbyes were always the worst, I often found myself quietly crying on the airplane for about 5 minutes just until the plane pulled away from the jetway and flew off into the air. It was always gut wrenching for me. Once I turned around before boarding and I saw my own dad crying and he rarely ever cries for anything, so seeing that just made me feel even worse.

    On the positive side. I think wow, that's so amazing honestly that your sister got to live near you in Japan and also her boyfriend for a year. And to have their aunty be their English teacher at school, that must have been so cool for the kids. It really must have been. And just like you said, you guys having coffee together, be able to have those sisterly good times for the whole year. Hmm, now that I'm typing really is a bummer now that she's gone now. :( I'm really sorry Jo.

    I bet they enjoyed their year in Japan and enjoyed being near you and your/their family.

  3. Bye Megan and Nathan, I only met you once in the end, the time does indeed fly by!

    Emily and Masaki are really lucky to have had their own Aunty teaching them.

    If you like, Jo, I can call you unexpectedly and get you to explain things to nearby Japanese people if you like, just for old times' sake.