Sunday, August 15, 2010

Leaving it over to the pumpkins

Despite my wonderful wheat efforts (just for the record we only got about 3kg of unrefined wheat so we are not exactly self sufficient yet! Heather, I really have no idea what kind it is... tane no mori seeds!) the rest of my garden has been abandoned this year. A combination of lots of visitors, lots of work, lots of rain and lots of heat has meant I haven't been able to get into the garden for months and the result is a HUGE weed pile. I have decided to let the various kinds of pumpkins take it over for the summer and in the autumn get the weedeater and tractor employed and start all over again.... hopefully!
A lot of my pumpkins are butternut pumpkins and most of them are self seeded. The interesting thing about self seeding pumpkins is that they readily cross pollinate with other varieties and you end up getting some interesting shapes and textures. The last photo in this entry is a pumpkin which I think is a cross between a butternut pumpkin and a jack-be-little one that had already crossed with some kind of zucchini last year. It will be interesting to see what the flesh inside is like.......
As an aside, I'm not going to get into the squash vs pumpkin argument... they are all the same to me!


  1. Wise to stay out of the pumpkin/squash argument!

    Did you get my email about tomorrow?

  2. Nice pumpkin pictures...I feel fall in my bones when I see them.

  3. What nice looking pumpkins.

    And still 3kg of unrefined wheat flour is still quite an achievement, it honestly is. Plus this year was just a practice run anyway. : )

    That last picture *does* look like a cross between a butternut and a jack, doesn't it.