Monday, January 24, 2011

For Mum

Just a couple of photos for Mum... to show that not only do I chop a lot of the wood we use, but that I am also usually the chief stacker! I must admit I used to be fairly hopeless at it, but as the years go by I am starting to be a master stacker. At least it always looks good until it starts to dry out and move around a bit and then eventually fall over! Judging by how we have been racing through our supply in the last few weeks I think we are going to have to do another 2 or 3 loads (or more...) as big as this one ready for next year..... not that I am complaining... I wouldn't give up my spot by our fire for any kerosene heater or air-conditioner heater in the world!


  1. Very nicely stacked. that's hard work. We have a large fire place and have our wood delivered in 1 metre lengths. This means we don't have to cut the wood.

  2. Anonymous4:22 AM

    I am suitably impressed. Mum

  3. i envy you your wood stove!!

  4. OOOhhhh you do the ancient art of Japanese beautiful stacking! All my neighbours stack like that and it always amazes me- how do you get the lengths all the same? We currently have five woodpiles going and they are all remaining stacked but definitely not that prettily!

    And yup, love my woodfire- and if you cook on top of it you have the perfect excuse to stay hunkered down on the hearth- have to stir the soup!

  5. I love your wood stove. It must smell so wonderful and make the whole house seem so cozy. By the way, you not only cut the wood so well. But your stacking is amazing.