Friday, January 28, 2011

Gaining strength

Two posts in one night... I hope it doesn't mean I am coming down with the flu!
A few weeks ago it was an absolutely freezing day so my husband decided to go to our town's waterfall to see if it was frozen and take a few photos. Unfortunately for him it wasn't frozen, but he did find the local karate club.... in the waterfall..... making themselves strong. From what I have heard this is quite a common thing for martial arts groups to do here in Japan - there is even a special word for it "Kangeiko" or "mid-winter training". Different clubs will go to the ocean, into lakes or rivers in the winter and test their staying power and prove that they are mentally strong. I personally think they are crazy and would be more than happy to just skip it and roast marshmallows on the fire ready for their return, but I'm sure it must be very character building.....


  1. The photos are great, your husband was in the right place at the right time. He really managed to capture the moment...just look at their faces. I admire the karate students faith, I think in recent years we lack a lot of belief and self determination.

    Just by looking at the photos I can say that I know I am mentally strong- I KNOW I don't want to or need to go in that water...I choose to eat marshmallows with Jo.

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  3. Good morning and I hear ya Jo, I'd never go in the freezing cold water either. I'd be roasting marmallows beside you too.

    In Denver, Colorado where I'm from there's a club called the Polar Bear Club. Not sure if it's all over the US or just my state. But anyhow every year in the dead of winter they (the members of this club) jump into the freezing cold waters outside, it always winds up on the news. And my family and I, always watched from the warmth of our house. I like warmth. : )