Friday, January 07, 2011

Tempting Fate

The whole world seems to be dealing with natural disasters at the moment - extreme temperatures, flooding, huge snowfalls, earthquakes etc. and we have been warned that this year is going to be a very cold winter... only so far we have come off very lightly at our house. I know it is still early, but so far we have only had one relatively small snowfall - which resulted in one relatively small snowman that lasted all of about one afternoon. I don't have any snow tyres on my car yet so I am hoping that the promised wicked winter never actually arrives and that we can keep a lot of our wood supply for next year...
Now that I've written this I'm sure that from tomorrow the heavens will open and we will be snowed in for the next week - at least it would be a good excuse not to go back to work!


  1. Anonymous10:21 PM

    happy new year jo, i hope you and your family have a good 2011...the new blog theme is a big improvement to!

  2. Hi Jo! Love the new blog theme!!!! Is this a picture of your area? BEAUTIFUL!!!

  3. Happy New Year to you and yours!

    How do you get around without snow tires? @_@ We had a mild winter until Jan 3 and then wham! Making up for it with a vengeance now -9 last night and -11 tonight. Noooooo!

  4. Oooh, love the plenty look. Very rural you. Can't believe it's been snowing all around you and just not on you. That's a Kate Moss of a snowman but i'd be quite happy to not see any more snow this year. Cold cold cold.

  5. I really like the new look of your blog.

    And I like the snow you all got. I wish we'd get some snow around here. But so far nothing. However the weather has been very cold at night. I think our inside/outside temperature gauge said...a -3 C for outside. So the outside is definitely dropping but so far no snow.

    I come from Colorado originally so I am used to snow. And am even wishing for some. But so far not a dot. : (

    Hopefully the weather stays good for you. : )

  6. Hey Jo
    Cool blog lay out, very 'green'
    Cool as in snow too-what's that's summer!! Dxx

  7. そんなに雪が降ったんだ~。同じ地域でも全然違うね。

  8. I remember making snow men (or at least attempting to) with Emily and Masaki a very long time ago - in fact I remember you telling Emily that she must wear her slippers or gumboots or something or else the snow man would come and 'bite your socks' worked, and for the rest of the trip if you were wearing socks Emily would tell you, deadly serious, to put slippers on so the snowman wouldn't come and 'bite your socks'! Haha good memories!!

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  10. Hi Jo
    I've been reading you blog on and off again for a few months. Today as I was making my morning tea you came to mind. So I logged on and saw your last post talking about snow and tyres etc. We're in the middle of a drought and heatwave here in WestAust, so it's all foreign to me! I hope you have your snowtyres and that you are safe and well. I also pray that the weather doesn't adversely effect your crops or reticulation.

    God Bless