Monday, January 16, 2012

New Zealand Trip Part 1

I can see that I am never going to have time to do a detailed entry about our trip away, so I'll just post a few photos of the main things we did - looking back it is amazing how much we did over the 3 weeks. The first "stage" of our trip was to my uncle and aunt's wonderful house in Takamatua (just out of Akaroa on Banks Peninsula, Christchurch). We were so lucky to have Mum, Big Kev, Nanna, Pop, Emma, Hannah and Mike and Bec join us for some or all of this part of our trip. We spent the days trying to keep warm (it was "summer"....) and generally having a great time doing things like...

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  1. what great pics!! fish and chips. nom nom. was swimming with the dolphins awesome? Beautiful beach.