Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Over reaction... again!

Last year I wrote about school being canceled due to a typhoon that never actually arrived. Today we almost had the same kind of situation due to a "heavy snow" warning. It seems like the whole of Japan is having a really cold snap and last night a message was sent around from school via the area phone tree (as opposed to the class phone tree or the PTA phone tree) that there may be another message sent around the area phone tree in the morning to say that school would be cancelled or delayed if the snow that was forecasted actually eventuated. The hamlet leader was out in the dark at 8pm spreading bags and bags of salt on the road to prevent them icing over so we could all get to work in the morning. I couldn't be bothered preparing for my 8am class because the heavy snow would surely prevent me getting to work - despite all the salt on the road.
And then we woke up to.... a tiny sprinkling of snow on the lawn.... no message via the phone tree, lots of salt left all over the road (great for rusting the bottom of cars....) and no classes prepared. Oops! There is another snowfall forecast for tonight so perhaps if we all presume it won't happen we may actually get a decent dump!


  1. Funny! Here we have so far had much less snow than usual but it is MUCH colder than the past few years, it is getting to -20ºC each night virtually. Perishing and awful for fuel bills!! Oddly enough a town just an hour away, not even that far, maybe, is getting absolutely slammed with snow and has had over 6 METRES so far this winter.

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