Thursday, January 26, 2012

Purple .... something.

I have a vague memory of buying a seedling of some kind of purple vegetable last year. Today I happened to glance under the butterfly net and discovered that it has grown perfectly! Not a caterpillar in sight, nice tight, big head and definitely purple! The only problem is that I can't actually remember what vegetable it is... I'm guessing it is cauliflower, but it could be broccoli. In the end it probably doesn't matter - any veges at this time of the year are appreciated as to buy them in the shops breaks the bank right now.

As predicted there were problems on the road today as people didn't prepare properly last night.... despite no actual snow it took my husband 1 hour and 10 minutes to get to work today when it usually only takes 30 minutes. He took the back roads so I'm guessing if he had taken the main road it would have taken him almost twice as long - traffic moving slower than a snail for at least 20km. Emily's teacher also arrived at school close to 2 hours late.... perhaps over-reacting is better than under-reacting!

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