Friday, September 28, 2012

Airing futons

We have guests coming to stay at the start of next week and although I tend to put off the cleaning and organising until the very last minute I have learned that airing the futons is a job that should be done in advance if possible - especially if the weather is about to turn bad.  If you have futons you will know that they are not exactly the lightest things in the world so bringing them all down from upstairs in the cottage is often quite a task.  Fortunately the top windows in the bedrooms are the exact same width as a standard futon and therefore perfect for hanging them out of.  Unfortunately that only covers two of the futons, but better than nothing I guess..
At the moment we are watching the weather news constantly.  Sports day on Sunday looks like it may be interrupted by a typhoon.!  At least I will have fluffy futons if we are stuck inside all day!

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  1. Would you mind doing a post on how to make up the futon bed? I'm fairly new to this blog so apologies if I'm asking for something you have already done. Enjoy the visitors and thanks for a great blog.