Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dancing practice

The children's sports day is on Sunday (I can hardly wait....) and today was the dress rehearsal for the traditional dance that the senior school does.  I have had to help Emily into her kimono-thingy for the last 3 years so I have almost got that mastered, but today was the first time to try and get Masaki into his complicated straw skirt thing with a huge banner stuffed down his back.  Any parents who were free were asked to come and help get the children into the outfits - starting at 1:35pm.  I arrived at 1:30pm to find that Masaki was fully outfitted already .... apparently the teachers decided to start putting them into the costumes from before 1pm.  So, now I am expected to have him all fitted out on the actual sports day within about 10 minutes - only I have no idea at all how to do it.  There were a number of mothers who actually took the afternoon off work so they could learn how to do it, but found themselves in the same situation as me.  Basically it turned out to be a waste of our time - although we did get a sneak preview and a photo opportunity.
Of course me being me, I had a little chat with the principal and ended up getting a phone call from Masaki's teacher tonight apologising for the fact that we didn't get a chance to put them into the costumes.  Mind you it all looks so complicated that at least I can now plead innocent and get someone else to do it for me!
By the way... the other children playing the flute with Emily - most of them are her classmates...yes, she is tall!

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  1. Megan1:05 pm

    I must say that I'm absolutely loving this deal you've got going on with Mike - it's a total win/win for the rest of the family!