Thursday, September 27, 2012

Row by Row

I have one of those stupid work schedules which means I often go to two or three places each day to teach and then have an hour or two in between each place.  Sometimes I can't get motivated to get changed and really work hard in the garden when I know I only have about an hour of free time, so I have started doing a few jobs around the place that I can do without needing to get changed.  The latest one is to harvest the peanuts.  I can usually manage to get a row or two out in between classes and don't end up so covered in mud that I have to have a shower before heading out again.  This year's peanuts are not perfect, but I'm hoping I'll end up with enough to make a few batches of peanut butter.
Another job I decided I could do in patches in between classes was to water blast the deck again. Unfortunately I discovered pretty quickly that it isn't a job that should be done in your work clothes!  Nothing like a full layer of dirt splattered all over you.... I'm thinking that when the peanuts are finished I may just revert back to reading a book and drinking coffee to fill in the time!

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  1. I met a student an hour early today so she could take some plants from my garden (got a load of perennials that need thinning out!) and I got plastered with mud to the knees. I was wearing sweats. I just can NOT be clean in the garden. I need at least a three hour block so I can have an hour and a half in the garden then a shower and time to cool down again. I'm hoping I can get the morning in the garden tomorrow but having said that it will rain or something.