Sunday, September 23, 2012

More boxes

I've finally had a chance to get into the garden over the last couple of days and my body is not thanking me for it!  I finally got around to making a few more boxes to try and keep things under control a bit more.  Flat land is great in that you can decide what size garden you want for each thing and change the different plots sizes very easily, but... it is a bit hard to keep under control and too easy to plant far more plants than you actually need.  Anyway, I spent the last couple of days hauling railway sleepers (with the aid of a wheelbarrow) and making 5 new boxes.  4 have already been filled, but I ran out of steam by the last one and only got as far as making the walls.  Hopefully tomorrow I will get some more energy and fill it with some compost, chicken poos and a bit more top soil and it will become my "salad" garden... hopefully!  If anyone if living overseas and wants to order seeds from a great company I highly recommend Kings Seeds in New Zealand.  Of course they will post to a NZ address, but they will also post overseas and you receive a 15% discount as you don't need to pay the GST.  Very fast service.
While I've been building my boxes I've been really happy that the butterfly flowers that I planted a few years ago have self seeded and have made a bit of a hedge in front of my boxes.  (The photo isn't great as the light was fading when I finally got around to taking the picture.)  I love that my neighbours love to chat, but when you have limited time available to spend in the garden it is sometimes a little bit hard to put on a smiley face when they wander past and make themselves at home and settle in for a long chat.  From experience they also like to give their opinion pretty loudly if I am trying something a bit different.  The butterfly flowers mean that I can crouch down as they pass by and am usually not noticed.  Hopefully tomorrow I will get around to  planting a big row of sweetpeas in this area to continue my screening strategy!


  1. Well done! That's a HUGE amount of work done! It's going to be so much easier to control next year.

    We are in the throes of thinking about having most of the trees taken from our front garden. We need more parking and they are mostly all sick because of overcrowding, or dangerously big. I feel like a murderer, though....

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  3. I envy you!! If I could have the same garden...on my balcony!