Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring is in the air again....

Spring has definitely arrived in our part of the world.  It used to be the season I would look forward to the most.  The warm sun finally arriving after a cold winter, the daffodils blooming all over the place, the reports on the news of predictions of cherry blossom viewing (which seems to be about 10 days earlier than usual this year.....).   Unfortunately with the onset in recent years of allergies to the cedar pollen around here I don't look forward to this season quite so much!   
I used to laugh at the "pollen watch" on T.V. which had cartoon faces of smiley faces for days where they predicted low volumes of pollen and frowning faces for the days when they expected large volumes.  I used to laugh at the people wandering around in their masks and refusing to hang their washing outside in this season.  I used to snicker as I walked passed the rows and rows of items relating to allergies that sprung up in all the shops during this season.  
But that was in the past.... now with a continually runny nose, itchy eyes, inflamed mouth, regular sneezing. I don't laugh quite so much and my excitement relating to the onset of spring isn't exactly as great as it used to be!  Medicine helps a lot (when I remember to take it...) and I'm hoping all of the trees around here have given up most of their pollen to the wind and I can now really enjoy the onset of spring.
For anyone interested in what volumes of pollen cedar trees produce I found this video... just skip passed the advertising at the start.  The views of the forests are very similar to what we saw around here this year.   


  1. Yep, there's nothing funny about cedar pollen. Do you have any name brand recommendations for allergy meds? My nose hurts from blowing it so much. Thank you.

  2. The spring flowers look wonderful What is the pinkish one? It looks like a hellebore - but I think of those as winter roses.
    There has obviously been a massive amount of work done on the rock garden - and is that a beehive at the back?

  3. KatieM8:01 AM

    Beautiful flowers! I'm in Ireland and all the daffodils in bloom make it feel like it's finally Spring!