Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Uniform costs

A few people have asked about the costs of uniforms etc. here so here is a breakdown of the costs for my daughter's junior high school.  Sorry I am only going to include rough conversions for New Zealand dollars, so if you are interested and reading this in another country you will have to work it out for yourself!!  I'm guessing that most public schools around Japan are fairly similar.

Sports uniform- includes t-shirt, shorts, track pants and long sleeved top: (we have only bought one of every thing so far, but will probably need another t-shirt or two when the sweaty season begins!): \13,700 (NZD 175)

School uniform - includes winter skirt and blazer and summer skirt and shirt (again only one shirt at this stage... ) \43,785 (NZD 560)

School Bag (no regulations... apart from the fact that it can't be bright colours...) \6,200 (NZD 80)

Outside shoes  - basic sneakers, only restriction is that they must be white and there can only be 10% of another colour on them.  Worn to and from school and for outside P.E. classes \3,970 (NZD 50)

Inside sports shoes - regulated... \2,835 (NZD 36)

Inside slippers - regulated - the incredibly horrible, plasticy ones pictured above with the school uniform.  They use these all day when they are inside the school.  \945 (NZD 12)

Socks - no set length requirement, but they must be white and only have one small emblem or picture on them \1,810 (NZD 23)

Umbrella - not essential or regulated, but handy when getting from the bus to home and vice versa in the rain \500 (NZD 6)

Total Costs to Date: \73,724 (NZD 940)

Here's hoping everything last for 3 years!


  1. Those prices are shocking! @_@ And the slippers are so ugly. >_<

    Love the action shot in the sports uniform! That's a real hybrid sailor-suit / regular suit style school uniform hey? Is it a real jacket or just designed to look like one?

  2. We really really needed two sports uniforms because they STINK and unless you want to be tied to your washing machine it's hard. We also ended up buying two more T-shirts and two more school shirts both long and short sleeved. They just don't dry in time if the kid gets home at 8 and has to be out by 7 the next morning.

    This time for Harry I just bit the bullet and bought what we'd done with Yoshi except I did 3 Tshirts and only two dress shirts each long and short sleeved. It came to ¥93,000! But I don't have to drive all the way across town to the incredibly old incredibly dirty shop that is the only place that sells this stuff out of season! (Ito Yokado has it up to the end of April)

  3. All our prices are similar I think. The gakuran is about ¥45,000 and I have just remembered we didn't buy summer trousers. They are another ¥11,000! No horrible slippers - they wear their indoor sports shoes all the time. Ours are regulated down to bags and shoes which makes life easy but dull. For the first time this year the kids can choose between plain white, black or navy T-shirts. It used to be just white and their grounds are red clay dust. Yoshi's turned permanently orangey beige the first time he wore them. The only non regulated thing is a winter coat which can be black, grey, navy or forest green. Whoop de doo.

  4. And yes, they went to the same school. BUT

    a) Yoshi started JHS at 165cm and Harry at 151cm. Yoshi's gakuran is laughable on Harry and Harry fits into one leg of Yoshi's trousers!

    b) Apart from the gakuran, Yoshi ruined every single item that we bought for him over the three years. They were stained, torn, ripped, frayed, paint splattered and worn out by the end. Monster boy. Even the bags were wrecked.

  5. That is a lot of money. I got lucky the boys used the same jacket, all three of them. What got me is the school bag, 9000yen for the main bag, which was regulated, then they needed a 2nd bag...another 6000yen, I don't spend that much on my bags

  6. I will now stop complaining about the price of kiting my child out in her preschool uniform.

  7. Love the uniform and the colour of the sports gear is great. She looks terrific.

  8. I agree the prices are high. I think that’s pretty similar to our area too. : (

    Emily looks fantastic in her uniform and sports uniform though. A real cutie pie. And like Heather said and I agree, love that pose with her in her sports uniform. : )