Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wearing thin

This is the view  of the world my bottom has when I am in my gardening clothes. 
I don't think of myself as a stingy person.  I try to be as generous as I can with friends and family and I even give lemons and eggs to random mountain climbers who happen to pass by and admire the chickens and lemon tree.  I am not obsessed with money - when we have it I spend it and when we don't we don't spend it.  I am pretty good at throwing away unnecessary things.  
But....... when it comes to some things I just don't seem to have the ability to throw them out or replace them with something new.   From memory the above trousers came to Japan with me when I first arrived 16 years ago.  They were my lazing about at home in the weekend trousers and then became my gardening trousers a few years ago.  They now provide wonderful airconditioning on hot days, but as most of my gardening is done in a squatting position I have to be a little careful which direction I am squatting when cars drive past or friendly neighbours come to chat.  I'm thinking that one day very soon I'm going to have to say goodbye to these trousers.  Perhaps next week.... or perhaps I'll wait till they turn more into a skirt than trousers.  I'm sure that would give the neighbours something extra to talk about!

PS - apologies to those who tried to comment on the last post.  I tried to block anonymous commenters, but ended up stuffing up all the settings....


  1. And you hope we will come to visit some time?
    And possibly help in the garden - behind you!!

  2. Great post. When I retire in 2 years time I'm going to wear weekend trouser every day for years and years until they look like yours!