Wednesday, December 20, 2006


One thing that most people associate with Japan is the traditional dress - the kimono. They are becoming popular again here at the moment among the younger generation as designers are making new designs and accessories that are making it "cool" to wear a kimono again. Of course traditionally they were worn every day - in the ricefields, to the office etc. Now they are mainly seen at festivals and tea ceremonies, but there are people who still wear them everyday.
Today my mother in law took charge of Hannah and put her in a kimono - not as easy as it may look!
The first step is to get the socks on...they have the big toe separated to allow you to put your shoes on and need to be a tight fit!
After the socks (you need to put them on first because after you have your kimono on you are unable to bend down to reach your toes!) the first layer is put on. Usually you would have one more layer under this but we just did the shortened version today.

Next comes the actual kimono - they are all basically the same size, but are adjusted by folding them up in the middle to make the correct length. Many small belts are The big "obi" or belt then hides the folds and keeps it all in place.

And there you have it - the finished product. You can't move or breathe - but it is good for a picture!

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