Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Samurai Town

Today we all seemed to have recovered from the stomach bug so Hannah and I spent the day sightseeing in the old Samurai Town area of Kitsuki City. First stop - Kitsuki castle (well the outside of it anyway!) - this has the honor of being known as the smallest castle in Japan.
A walk up the old stone road and on to our next stop the old "Ohara Samurai Residence". This very old residence is interesting in itself, but is made more interesting by a man who I met there and who I have kept in contact with. His name is Mr. Nishi and he is passionate about the residence as well as speaking English. I called him out of the blue this morning and asked if he was working - his response "no, but I will come and give you a tour. What time will you be there?". A very kind man with so much knowledge of the construction of the house and the way of life within the house 200 years ago. Of course there is too much to write about here so you will all just have to come and experience the tour yourselves!

After a break for lunch it was time for another little touch of culture in the middle of nowhere - "the ten judges of hell" set in the bottom of a tiny valley and surrounded by many different statues etc. and a small waterfall. Nice autumn colours and a real sense of peace.

Of course no trip to Japan would be complete without a trip to a vending machine.... one on every corner of even the most remote roads! Nothing like hot coffee in a can!

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