Monday, December 25, 2006

Yamaga Town

When I came to Japan 10 years ago I lived in a town called "Yamaga". In fact, I still live in the same town, but have shifted from the central area to the very outskirts. When I arrived here the population of the town was over 10,000 people, however the latest count seems to be down to about 8,000 people. In other words it is a small town, but has some very beautiful areas. Whenever anyone comes here I feel the need to take them on a tour of the central part of Yamaga - usually with two main stops. Number one: "Udo Waterfall" - a small waterfall in the middle of the moutains. It is really nice in the middle of summer, but as we discovered, a little chilly in winter! After the compulsory photo there we usually go to the second stop - the symbol of the town - a windmill on the hill (no one seems to know why a windmill is the symbol of this town....), but there are great views from the top. Unfortunately the road is closed for repairs at the moment so we had to revise our plans.
We went to one of my friends houses to have a quick look in her father's amazing room (sorry, the photo is a little out of focus...). He collects antiques and has this incredible room which is just stacked full of old Japanese coins, Samurai armour, old pistols, antique vases, even a very old carp pond! Kevin - you would go crazy in there!
Unfortunately he is now getting too old to make it up the stairs to enjoy his treasures so is thinking of selling them - a sad option for him.
After our trip back to the past we yet again felt the need to go out for lunch - nothing like a basket full of things that you have no idea about what they are. Hannah is very brave though and will at least try most things!

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