Thursday, December 28, 2006

Second Paying Guests

The day after Christmas Hannah was kicked out of "Kiora Cottage" for the night and we had our first real test of our new business (the Korean group didn't really count as they were only here to sleep!). A family of four saw the promotional piece in the newspaper and booked in for the night. They wanted to interact with our family as much as possible so we made dinner together (pizza, french bread and salad), they played games with the kids, and in the morning we made apricot fudge slice and Christmas cookies together.
I wasn't exactly sure how it would all work out, but I think in the end it worked really well. They retreated to the cottage at about 9pm and played cards etc. over there so we didn't have to entertain them all night and they seemed really happy when they went home - promising to come back in the summer holidays.
The way it is working at the moment is that there is a set accomodation fee which includes breakfast and then I have started making some different things that people can do here if they choose - all with a fee of course...... like the baking we did with this group. It is fun to think of things to do, but now I need to really get around to advertising it properly. The next booking is in for January though so hopefully word of mouth etc. will get the ball rolling! Any ideas/comments welcome!

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