Sunday, April 08, 2007


This morning I found another good use for the cottage - an Easter Egg hiding place! Every year the kids wake up on Easter Sunday excited by the prospect of searching for all the chocolate eggs that the Easter Bunny has brought. However unfortunately usually one child wakes up first and then it is always a battle to keep them from searching until the other child wakes up. This year there were big screams from my son at 6am when he woke and no matter how hard he searched he couldn't find any eggs.... Fortunately my daughter woke up a little later and discovered the letter from Easter Bunny explaining that he had hidden them in the cottage.
Even though we live in Japan I find it important to try and keep these New Zealand traditions alive in our house - to give the children a glimpse into my childhood too. One of my biggest memories of Easter was at my uncle's house and everyone racing outside to find the eggs in the morning only to discover nothing but the foil wrappers...... After many claims that my uncle had sneaked out and eaten them it was discovered that it was probably more likely the little furry friend so common in New Zealand - the possum!
I always want to hide the eggs outside in Japan too, but there is another little furry friend that lives near here that I have the feeling would love a snack of chocolate eggs too - the raccoon dog. To me these are the Japanese equivalent of the NZ possum - they can be seen on the roads of the countryside (both dead and alive...) and have a great habit of getting into our compost bin at the moment. I haven't seen them in the compost, but I am pretty sure they are the ones responsible for digging the big holes and removing all the goodies. Mind you it could be the moles too... they seem to be enjoying digging up everywhere else at the moment!

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