Friday, April 06, 2007

Mountain Climbing again....

After another crazy week of outdoor education programs etc. I finished the week off with a quick jaunt up our mountain. Unfortunately I also had 25 small children with me, which made it interesting in some ways but more than a little stressful in others! The group was part of a friend's holiday program and they ranged in age from 6 to 15. They all did a great job though and even the smallest ones managed to climb up and slide down the mountain without too many cuts and bruises....
I always find it interesting when they get to the top and pull their plastic sheets to sit on. If you look closely at the picture you will see all the shoes lined up beside them.... I can't imagine anyone in New Zealand doing this! Mind you I can't imagine anyone in New Zealand taking a cold ball of rice on their picnic either.... pretty good if you try it though!

Our big TV show went on air on Tuesday, but we haven't seen it yet. The local station decided that baseball was more important so it wasn't televised here. We are now waiting for the DVD to arrive so we can see how much they cut out of the original take.

We also have our homepage almost up and running properly now (well a limited edition one anyone). There are two addresses that it can be viewed at at the moment - both in Japanese... sorry! The kdt address doesn't seem to show many of the pictures yet - a slight technical hitch!

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  1. Hi, Jo

    The TV programme was not seen in Shizuoka, either!!
    I want to see it, would you please send a copy of DVD.

    The homepage looks good, I will introduce Kiora Cottage in my blog.