Sunday, April 22, 2007

Rainy days

After a day of rain there was finally a very short clear patch and after being cooped up inside all day we hit the neighbourhood to go crabbing. After the rain it is not a particularly difficult task - they are literally all over the road (or railway platform, in my garden etc.)! Both children were brave enough to pick them up themselves and were only nipped a couple of times. So what do we do with all these wonderful crabs once we've caught them? Release them of course! They are far too small to eat and it is the fun of the chase that we enjoy!
Other exciting animals that hit the roads after the rain are these wonderful BIG bright blue worms. I have no idea what they eat, but I'm not particularly keen to try and catch one and get them into my worm farm.....

Baby bamboo is also making a big appearance everywhere at the moment. Bring your shovel and come and dig some up!

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