Friday, April 13, 2007


I often wonder why it is that I can find my way somewhere, but when I try to come home again I always get lost..... today my garden gave me a big hint. With the children finally at school and kindergarten all morning I managed to get into the top garden and get some of the weeds under control. Having done so I took a quiet wander around the result and discovered how different it is from the different angles. Cabbage trees appear out of nowhere, rocks that can't be seen from one side become a main feature when looking from the other side, artichoke leaves magically appear out of the chamomile etc. etc. Perhaps because it is a circular garden this becomes more possible - it definately makes it a fun walk anyway!
There is a very famous rock garden in Kyoto that works on a similar idea. It is called "Ryoan-ji" (peaceful dragon garden) and is a very basic garden comprising of 15 rocks. No matter where you sit in the garden it is only possible to see 14 rocks at the same time. If you are interested in reading more about the garden and temple the following site has some good information:

I got another surprise today when I wandered down to my bottom garden and discovered that the asparagus is starting to appear - well some looks like it appeared a few days ago..... I have been patient and waited two years before I harvested any so hopefully this year we will finally be able to have at least one meal or two. There might even be some left when you arrive Dad... not long now!

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