Friday, April 27, 2007

Making Connections

The other day while I was searching for places to visit while Dad is here I stumbled across a company called "Japan Bike and Hike Tours" which is run by an Alaskan man who has been living in Japan for over 10 years. He was advertising hiking tours which included the mountain just behind our house so I decided to contact him and let him know what we are doing in terms of our guest house etc. just in case we could connect in some way. It turned out that he had an American couple coming so we arranged to have lunch here. It was nice to see some different faces and have a little insight into what some overseas visitors would like to do while they are here in Japan. While I don't see our cottage as a huge drawcard (it is really aimed at Japanese visitors) I do see that organising Japanese homestays and then doing touring stuff with me during the days might work out really well..... another angle to work on.

Bee update... 2 hives of bees decided they didn't like their new homes and took off, but we have been back and got some more and now have three hives with residents in them.... for how long I'm not sure, but it is fun to go and check every day and discover them going in and out - hopefully busily making us some honey! There is another bag of bees in the garage which is waiting for Tom to build them a new home. Unfortunately he is a little bit of a perfectionist and has spent more time making detailed plans on the computer than actually making the hives. Lucky it is a long weekend this weekend! (Sorry the picture relating to this had to be removed... I forgot to ask Tom's permission to put it on!)

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