Sunday, May 20, 2007

Childrens Day

Tomorrow night I head off to Kyoto with my father for 2 nights (well 3 nights really as we will take the overnight ferry....). Because the children have been going to school and kindy each day while Dad has been here we decided to devote today completely to them......
We spent all morning at a great park near here. It is a huge park which is designed around a lake made by a dam. There are places to play all around the park - with a ladybug train/bus to take you around if your little legs can't quite make it. Today we even discovered some duck racing.... only in Japan?

After lunch we headed to the monkeys - as usual finding it hard to work out who were the real monkeys! For more information on these monkeys (which are wild, but running around your feet - literally...) see my previous entry at the following link: Monkey magic

So... as I said earlier, we are off on an adventure from tomorrow so there will be no blog entries until at least Friday. I hope you will check in again then and keep looking at it occassionally even after Dad goes home....

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