Saturday, May 12, 2007

To the top again

For those who haven't heard - we have a mountain at the back of our house. The name of the mountain is "Tsuwado" and the chinese characters for its name can be translated as "the door to the tsunami" - probably because the sea was originally right up to the back of it and it protected the community below from the sea.
Anyway, this 529m high mountain is part of a pilgrimage trail and along the track you can find 88 small buddhist statues. Of course parts of the track are so steep that you often don't have time to look sideways to check how many you are passing - as Dad found out. Fortunately there are chains to help out in the really difficult parts and of course if you have a big sister she is not too bad a helper either!
I think Dad survived the climb really well, although he did go off to bed at 8:30pm...

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