Friday, May 11, 2007

More Buddhas....

It has been confirmed... the best way to get more people to look at your blog is to have people come and stay! Hello to all the new viewers of this blog..... I hope you stick around after Grandad Donut has headed home!
Today I managed to fool Dad into thinking that I didn't know where I was going. We started out by going to the big buddhas in the hill (for more information about these see this previous entry: Buddhas)
Then after climbing up the zillion steps I could see that Dad was needing a bit of a rest so I suggested we go to see a rock carving in the middle of a river - of course it wasn't too far away if you took the standard route, but as Dad needed some extra recovery time we took the mountain route through some fantastic scenery. I was also aware that Dad really wanted to eat soba noodles and I knew there was a great shop just beside the carving in the river. If we took the standard route we would have arrived too early for lunch so I tried to do enough detouring so that we got to look at the carvings and the temple near by and then were ready for lunch at exactly 12pm. Perfect timing!

The afternoon was spent weeding and searching for wild strawberries - not an easy task at this time of the year and even more difficult when you are colour-blind!

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