Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More hills and more buddhas

After a day of people yesterday we headed back into the hills to the peace and quiet of an amazing temple that has been built into the side of a mountain. The name of the temple is "rakanji" and it is somewhere that I will never tire of taking people. I think what is so beautiful about it is the number of different things you can see within a very small space - and of course the location is particularly spectacular as well - up a cliff in the middle of the mountains. Today we discovered another section to the area - a garden which although it is pretty overgrown in parts was a wonderful place to relax.... something Dad seems to be able to do very easily! He will have to wake up a little more tomorrow though as he is venturing off on the train by himself for the day. Here's hoping I don't get the "help, I have no idea where I am...." call at 10pm tomorrow night!
For more details and photos of the temple that we went to today (Rakanji) please look at the following entry from when Hannah was here.

Previous entry for Rakanji

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