Monday, January 21, 2008

Active 2 days

We have had a busy couple of days! Yesterday we went to an a"maize"ing maze which was made completely out of corn.... it was in the shape of a dragon and there were 10 different clues that you had to find all around the dragon in order to solve the quiz. The children had a great time getting lost and eventually finding all 10 clues in about 50 minutes. I just followed along for the exercise - having no idea at all where we were....

Today we went to another amazing place - a rock climbing facility where the kids were able to climb many, many different kinds of walls. They used great technology which meant the children just needed to be clipped into the equipment and then they could climb and when they had had enough or had reached the top they just had to jump off the wall and they were brought slowly and safely back to the ground. I was amazed at how confident they were - both children reaching the top of some of the walls which were around 8m high. I encouraged them from the safety of the ground!

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  1. Mickey12:40 AM

    I am interested in it very much.
    Please teach me where it is if I go to the New Zealand this time.
    I hope my son grow up by then.