Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Zealand

We arrived in New Zealand on Tuesday morning after two very long flights - from Fukuoka to Singapore then Singapore to Christchurch. The children coped very well with very little sleep and are now enjoying the summer here in New Zealand. We are now at my uncle and aunty's house in Akaroa, just over an hours drive from Christchurch. It is an amazing house with a wonderful view of the harbour.

The first afternoon we arrived we went out on the little dinghy where the children learned how to row. Today we went to the beach and all their new helpers helped them to make a huge sandcastle, complete with moat with water running into it directly from the sea. They had a great time and are already asking when we can go back again! Unfortunately I cannot connect my camera to the computer here at the moment so I don't have any of my own photos. Hopefully soon I will be able to do this and give you a better idea of what we have been doing.

The hardest thing for the children so far has been adjusting to how light it is here at night. In Japan it is dark by 7:30pm even in the middle of the winter, but here it is still light well after 9:30pm.... the children have been up a lot later than usual each night so far!

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