Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Central Christchurch

Yesterday we went into central Christchurch for a look around the city. First the cathedral, the tram, the museum, the botanical gardens and then shopping..... I made the suggestion of getting all present shopping out of the way early to my husband's parents and I am glad we did! For anyone who doesn't know Japan is a country of gifting and therefore when they go on holiday they seem to spend more time going shopping for other people than they do actually seeing what is around them. So now New Zealand is 15 boxes of biscuits less.... we can now enjoy the sights!
In the evening we went to a really good Maori show where we were introduced to the basics of the Maori culture and treated to some song and dance. Emily and I had to get up on stage to do try the poi dancing (sorry no photos were allowed) and my husband got to try the haka.
At night another New Zealand treat... fish and chips! It went down really well with the in-laws and now they are thinking of starting a shop in Japan!

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