Sunday, January 27, 2008

Japanese visitors

Sorry I haven't updated the blog lately... just too lazy!
As always we have been having a great time here in New Zealand - enjoying the good weather with trips to the beach, games of cricket at the park and swims in the pool. For anyone that is reading this in Japan and wonders what cricket is... it is a great game that is actually the origin of baseball. My son is really enjoying learning the game so I can see that we will need to bring a bat or two back with me..... Of course a trip to New Zealand wouldn't be a real trip without a trip to a farmers market too. On Saturday we went to the Lyttelton market where many growers sell their wonderful fruit, vegetables, jams, chocolate, bread, baking etc. The only rule is that the produce is local. Delicious!

Today my husband and his parents arrived from Japan. It is the first time for my in-laws to come to New Zealand (in fact their first time to leave Japan....) so it is great to be able to show them around and see what they find so different from Japan. The biggest impressions today seemed to be the width of the roads - in Japan there is virtually no parking on the side of the roads so our wide streets are pretty unusual. The other difference they keep commenting on is the number of trees and parks around the place. Japan tends to have a lot more concrete in the big cities so all the greenery here in Christchurch (also called the garden city) is a little overwhelming. Tomorrow we will hopefully get all their gift shopping finished so they can relax for the rest of the trip.....

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